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Tracer 1-8 / Internal sensor

Tracer 1-8 / Internal sensor

Trace -1 is a one channel temperature datalogger, manufactured to honor the demand for a quality datalogger
at a very reasonable price. The temperature datalogger can be used for documentation of temperatures in cold counters
or for collecting temperatures under provision transports.
In the industry it can be used for collecting temperatures in electrical control - boxes, engines or other components,
where temperature is an important factor.
  • The temperature span goes from -40 ?C. to +60 ?C.
  • The range from -30 ?C. to +30 ?C. has a resolution better than 0,5 ?C.
  • The outer ranges -40 ?C. to -30 ?C. and +30 ?C. to +60 ?C. have resolutions better than 1 ?C.

  • Tracer - 1 can be delivered with an internal temperature sensor or with an external water proof sensor.

    Tracer dataloggers are avaiable in two versions:

  • Tracer-1 with 2000 messurements memory and battery capacity for about 1? year
  • Tracer-1-8 with 8000 messurements memory and battery capacity for at least 10 years.

  • Datalogger and program is delivered separately, with the PC package containing communication cable, software and English user manual.


    Tracer - 1 is delivered in a small plastic cabinet, with one end containing a jack plug for communication as well as a red LED,
    indicating whether or not the datalogger is collecting temperature data. The datalogger is powered by an internal lithium coin
    cell, capable of supplying the logger with power for at least 1? years. If extended durability is desired, a lithium battery with
    twice the capacity can be used. The battery, which is mounted in a holder, is easy to change and the collected data as
    well as any programmed data will be stored and the logger will automatically restart itself even if the logger has been
    without power, as would be the case when changing the battery.


    The PC program is logically and clearly built up and consists of two parts. A programming part, where programming
    and transfer of collected data takes place, as well as a graphic part ,where the collected data can be analysed
    and printed, graphically or in table form. The programming part is built up around the screen seen on the right, where
    all functions can be used. It is possible to choose between Comports 1-4, and the log intervals can be set in 8 different
    steps, from 1 minute to 4 hours. In programming it is possible to choose whether the data collection should stop when the
    memory is full or if the collection should continue and overwrite the oldest data. The programming can be set to start
    immediately or a built-in timer can move the time of start about 20 days ahead. If the precise time of data collection is
    not known, Tracer - 1 can be started by affecting the logger with a permanent magnet. When Tracer - 1 is about to be
    programmed, a message will come up, if data in the memory has not been transferred to the PC program.

    Technical data

  • Logintervals: 1 - 5 - 15 - 30 min. 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 hours.
  • Temperatur range : -40 ?C. til +60 ?C.
  • Memory: 2000 (Tracer-1) 8000 (Tracer-1-8) messurements.
  • Endeless logging or stop when memory is full.
  • Resolution: 8 bit.
  • Communication: Seriel Com 1-2-3-4.
  • Dimensions: 80 x 40 x 25mm. (Plastic box).
  • Weight: About. 40g
  • Battery: Capacity 1? year (Tracer-1) 10 years (Tracer-1-8).
  • CE Proved.
  • Danish Product.
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